01. 여수 밤바다
02. Real Love
03. 도통 모르겠네
04. Coffee Shop

by ambossing

140818 인천공항 출국 #명수 #엘 #인피니트 #INFINITE #myungsoo #L

your breeze

오늘 저희 쇼케이스를 보러와 주시고 시청해주신 모든 아미 여러분 정말 감사드립니다~ 이번 활동 때도 저희보다 더 와일드하게 응원 부탁할게요~ 사랑합니돠~~^^

Thank you very much to all the ARMYs who came to watch our showcase as well as the ones who watched (streamed)~ please cheer for us wildly (more than us)~ I love you~~^^

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that slight smirk

∞ Woohyun + popsicles

Stress Come on by Big Byung (Big Bottle)

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die jungs - chen
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